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Heyyo Pies

This week we have a very special mix from a very special lady! Melissa McAllister of KXLU/SHE ROCKS, has made us one incredible mix featuring some of the best covers by some of the best ladies in the biz.

Enjoy this, and the weekend, and both together.

Ladies Who Cover It Up aka Cover Songs by Females

  • Big Maybelle – I Can’t Control Myself
    The Troggs original version of this song is already bananas but Big Maybelle somehow adds extra sass.
  • Gossip- Are You that Somebody
    Please.  This is the best thing that ever happened…ever.
  • Le Tigre- I’m So Excited
    People had mixed feelings about this album but it’s impossible to feel conflicted about this song.  I am dancing in my seat as I type.
  • Colleen Green- Good Good Things
    I am so pissed I never thought to cover this song when I was in a band.
  • Collette Magny- St James Infirmary
    I have no idea what is going on with this cover other than it immediately makes me want to drink an old fashioned and smoke a very long cigarette.
  • Electrelane -  Im On Fire
    A lot of ladies cover the Boss, especially this song but I think this one wins out (Bat for Lashes a close second.)
  • The Rondelles -  Like a Prayer
    I have literally played this version of the song over 1000 times in my room. Fact.
  • Smith- Baby It’s You
    I am pretty sure you will make out with someone if you listen to this song.
  • Ciccone Youth- Addicted to Love
    Kim Gordon doing karaoke is better than 99% of the world doing karaoke.
  • Carmen McRae- Sound of Silence
    Again…add a 60′s soul singer to any song and its instantly better, even a Simon and Garfunkel song.
  • Chromatics- Running Up that Hill
    This is just magical, like unicorns and sprites magical.  Nuff said.
  • Odetta- Don’t Think Twice
    You should already have this song as an automatic when someone breaks your heart but this version is particularly heart wrenching.  Add whiskey while listening.
  • Mary Lou Lord- I Don’t Wanna Get Over You
    Normally if you told me that you had a sappy sweet acoustic folk version of my favorite sardonic Magnetic Fields song, I’d tell you to go away.  But in this case, I’d be wrong.
  • Widowspeak- Wicked Game
    I have a secret crush on Chris Issak so I get nervous when people cover this but this version is pretty dreamy.  Giant Drag also does a decent cover.

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