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Stackzzz on Stackzzz on Stackzzz on Stackzzz from JustinCrumpton on 8tracks Radio.

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After an extended break, we here at Lo-Pie headquarters are proud to present a mix from Justin Crumpton of Nightmare Boyzzz. The mix speaks for itself. Here is what Justin had to say about it:

“Nightmare Boyzzz have 2 releases coming up : We have an unreleased track called “Minnie Mouse” that will appear on the Burger/Wiener Records Comp for Popcorn, which comes out next week, as well as our long awaited split 7″ with our brothers from home, Younger Siblings, on Fat Sandwich Records out of Memphis, TN. Records came in this week and will ship soon. ONLY 300 copies pressed! Enjoy this mix y’all. Feedback welcome for next time!”

Until, next time my dears.

This week’s mix is brought to you by Justin Crumpton from the Nightmare Boyzzz

  • The Brat – Attitudes
  • Johnny Curious & The Strangers – Jennifer
  • The Zipps – Friends
  • The Limps – Someone I can Talk To
  • Victim – The Teen Age
  • The Dogs – Teenage Fever
  • New Hearts – Another Teenage Anthem
  • New Math – Die Trying
  • The Steppes – The Beat Drill
  • The Glitter Band – Game’s Up
  • Sleaz Band – All I Want Is You
  • No Sweat – Start All Over Again
  • The Lewd – Magnetic Heart
  • The Weirdos – Solitary Confinement
  • The Flesh Eaters – Pony Dress
  • Menace – Screwed Up
  • Outcasts – Frustration
  • Eddie & The Hot Rods – Beginning of the End

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