Dress Up for Success

A lot of women face a dilemma every time they open their closets and look for something to wear. Some even end up spending hours just to find the right clothes. Are you one of those women? Do you waste precious minutes as you try one outfit after another simply to look your best? If so, then worry no more for there is only one key when it comes to dressing yourself up and that is to dress according to your body type. When you have mastered this, then everything will be a breeze – from shopping for your wardrobe, to finding the clothes that will suit you, and to looking fabulous. EVERYTHING.

The Advantages of Dressing for Your Body Type

Women are always worried about their bodies. Some believe they are too big, too skinny, too tall, too round, et cetera. For them, there is always something wrong with how they look and they whine incessantly about not having anything to wear because the clothes they have do not fit them quite as properly as they would want them to. However, what they do not know is that their bodies is fine whatever its size or shape. The only thing they should do is figure out what their body type is, find the right clothes which will accentuate their assets and minimize their flaws, and stick to that. Dressing up according to one’s body type will not only allow you to save time burrowing through your closets, but it will also help you save money whenever you’re shopping because it will help you purchase the clothes that will look great with your figure and lets you avoid those that aren’t meant for you.

The Different Body Types

There are five basic body types: the Apple, the Pear, the Rectangle, the Strawberry, and the Hourglass. There are alternative names for them out there but they’re all the same really. To find out your type, you can simply make use of a body type calculator or you can answer a shape-finder quiz such as the ones in the sites Shop Your Shape and Fashion World.

In general, Apples are usually heavy around the middle and usually don’t have a well-defined waist but have great legs and usually considerable breast sizes. Pears have flat stomachs but are heavy around the hips, buttocks and thighs. Rectangles typically have waists and hips that are of the same size making their bodies resemble cylinders. Meanwhile, Strawberries have bigger upper extremities as compared to their lower ones – just like the fruit. And lastly, Hourglasses are curvy with hips and breasts that are slightly wider than their waists.

Once you have found out what kind of body type you have, then you have half of your work cut off for you, All you have to do now is to find out what are the best clothes for you and since there is no lack on the internet for information like that, there’s no need to worry your pretty little head. Simply visit sites like The Chic Fashionista and Channel4.Com for great advice that includes pictures, techniques, and examples.

Dressing for your body type is definitely not rocket-science and once you have mastered this, you will surely look even greater than you did before – while saving time and money as well. So what are you waiting for? Calculate your shape right now!

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