Taking Responsibilities

We were participating in a sparring exercise during a Tae Kwan Do class when my good friend Nat got a nasty toe injury. The guy whom he was sparring with was quick to apologize and helped him up right away.

Despite his injury, Nat assured the guy that his apology wasn’t at all necessary since these things are only natural in a fight and that it was his own choice to participate in such activities. It was a plain and simple statement, yet certainly an honorable one.

After all, we were quite old compared to most of our sparring partners. We expected to take a lot of hits and kicks since this was after all part of the sport. Besides, those who are hesitant to get themselves hurt should know well enough to steer clear of such activities.

Things are just like that in everyday life. I call the shots and make my own decisions. I decide to earn a living and what kind of work I would like to do. It is my decision to stay single or commit myself to someone in a relationship or marriage.

When I got myself into a car accident it was clear to me that I am responsible for it since I didn’t have my full attention on the road during that time. The vehicle after all, was fully under my control.

We all need to take responsibility with regards to how we live our lives. It may be true that all the bad things you come across in life isn’t necessarily your fault but there is no denying the fact that it was the decisions you made that put you in that position. It is something that not all people can simply take down and accept. It is far easier to blame it on something or someone else after all and it is not easy to have this sense of responsibility for every step you take in life.

Now I am not saying that others are completely blameless for the things that may have happened to you, but it is far better to just accept what has already transpired and focus on how to deal with it.

Everyone has had their share of difficult times. It is not important to make it a point to cast blame on anybody since it does not really achieve anything. In the end, it is up to you to take in how the things went down and cope with it the best way that you can. You cannot change what has already transpired; the only real question is what are you going to do about it? The fault may not be yours to begin with but where your life goes after that is still your responsibility.

Making wishes won’t help either. It will only breed more frustration making it all the more harder to move on. Think about the things that you still have and make the best out of it instead of wishing what you don’t have. Difficult situations can breed character and whatever situation you are into, it was still your decisions that put you there so you are still very much responsible for it. Everyone has their own limits, it is better to accept those limitations than to argue with them.

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