What Are You Moving Toward?

Life can be seen as a spectrum of possibility. On one end of the spectrum is freedom and power and joy. On the other end of the spectrum is bondage and fear and pain. Life offers you the opportunity to embrace and enjoy experiences along the entire spectrum. You can decide on experiences of utter despair and absolute failure or you can opt for experiences of glorious triumph and boundless joy. The options are infinite across the continuum. Through you own choices you quite naturally move toward one end and away from the other.

So, which way are you moving? What are you moving toward?

Every life is an experience of motion. Every life is a journey – one that never stops. From birth to death you are in motion. You are sliding down the slide. You are fully on the ride. You have only two choices to make: you choose the direction you travel and the speed of your advance. You choose the heading to follow and, to a degree, the pace of your progress.

Are you advancing in a positive direction or are you stumbling wearily toward an inevitable demise? Are you moving cautiously and with some reservation or are you bounding forward with energy and enthusiasm? Where are you headed and how fast are you going?

The condition each individual desires, the state you seek, is a way to advance, to progress, to grow, to succeed. Whether your sights are set on the stars or focused on the ground beneath your feet – the sentiment might be expressed…

Maybe I’ll never be a billionaire, maybe I’ll never be a sought after lover, or a sports superstar, or an international celebrity. Maybe I’ll never become a political leader, or a musical genius, or a bona fide hero. I won’t conquer or triumph, or amass immense wealth. I may never display any discernible talent. At the end of my days, I’ll fade away into obscurity. My mark will be that I experienced the opportunity, I breathed the air, I absorbed the warmth of the sun, I felt the hope of each new day. I trusted in the promise. Though I may not have embraced my full potential, I took a chance, I made a leap. I got to feel this experience called life. No monument will ever be dedicated to my achievements, no parade or holiday will ever be devoted to my memory. Yet, despite it all, I did contribute some small part. I journeyed here and in my imperfect way, I lived and I loved. Though I yearned to express more life, just by my being alive, I succeeded.

You are alive. You breathe the air. You yearn for something. You think, you move, you feel. You are guaranteed to succeed. The definitive question in living your life is: What do you want to feel? You determine how much life do you want to experience; whether you will settle for “getting by” or if you prefer to excel.

A mysterious truth in life is that what you seek, seeks you. What you want, wants you. The spectrum is broad, the opportunities are unlimited. Move in a direction that feeds your soul. Move toward something worthwhile.

Keep moving in the right direction. That thing, your dream, your destiny, your treasure, is waiting patiently for you to arrive. It is very close. You need only make a minor adjustment. Start changing course now. Start moving in the right direction. Advance confidently toward your greater good – a full and fulfilling life.

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